Next Green Thing

What’s in store for Sustainability in 2017

Given the roller coaster of a year we had and an already exciting start to the New Year, now seems a good time to cast forward and try to predict what the rest of 2017 has in store, by Paul Gosling. In terms of significant events from 2016 (Brexit, Trump etc) we are yet to…
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Tips for target reporting

As companies analyse their progress against 2015 environmental targets, marketing expert Jo Arden explains why honesty is the best approach. As the new year gathers pace, many brands are already putting together reports on their progress against 2015 sustainability targets. Last year was an important staging post for many companies on sustainability-related progress. As such,…
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Delhi taking drastic measures to tackle air pollution

Whilst London has already exceeded annual air quality limits in the first week of the new year, Delhi is currently testing the impact of banning roughly half of all private vehicles from the roads each day. The odd/even licence plate ban is apparently showing mixed results, in part due to variations in weather. Surely, as scientific…
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