Electric leg-up

Drivers of electric cars are to be allowed to drive in bus lanes in London, Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Bristol as part of the ongoing government investment in electric vehicle infrastructure.

On these increasingly congested towns and cities, allowing such an advantage to electric car drivers at peak times offers a genuine incentive to invest in clean technology. And it’s just the sort of nudge-style marginal cost encouragement we should be trialling in other areas of sustainability.

Allowing access to bus lanes fits hand in glove with ensuring charging points and EV parking spaces are also made available, funded through the government pot. The lion’s share has gone to London, but here’s how the other cities fared:

  • Milton Keynes: £9m - EV "experience centre", 20,000 parking bays free for EV owners, bus lane access
  • Bristol: £7m - free parking for low emissions vehicles, 80 fast chargers
  • Nottinghamshire and Derby: £6m - 230 charging points, bus lane access

At Infrastructure Footprint we’re keen to see EV technology boosted, especially given the significant investment made by Nissan and news last month of its 50,000th Leaf rolling (silently) off the production line after three years of production and on the back of a £420m investment in the Sunderland plant. Long may this continue…

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