Footprint Awards

Since its inception in other sectors in 2011, Footprint Awards has been the barometer for sustainability and responsible business practice in the and has seen the level of performance in this area change beyond recognition.

Today, these two pillars are accepted as clear business principals in organisations up and down supply and value chains, but the goal-posts move constantly. What 5 years ago was regarded as foresighted innovation is today regarded as the bare minimum and it is no surprise that it is the most successful businesses that have embraced the concept, changed behavior, and are now leading the way towards a more sustainable and responsible industries.

The issues remain the same - finite resources, diminishing in the face of an expanding population. Food and water security, energy and climate are just some of the concerns amongst sustainability’s many environmental, social and economic facets; each one with an eye to the future at its heart. Arguably infrastructure is at the forefront of this debate more than any other with an opportunity to affect large-scale change.

Footprint Awards represents the annual celebration of the work that organisations in the infrastructure industry are doing to in some way redress the balance for the benefit of themselves, their community and the industry at large. It is a celebration of initiative and innovation, of commercial imagination and endeavor.